April 21, 2011

The Fly (1958)


Tom the factory cat begins the movie by meowing as he runs towards the nightwatchman's office. Gaston (Torben Meyer) picks him up and says, "Ah, M'sieur Tom, mon cher. You are late c'est soir. Still looking for your girlfiend, huh? Mam'selle Dandelo has found another. You will never see her again."


Obsessed scientist Andre Delambre (David Hedison) hasn't quite perfected his teleporter when he tries to disintegrate and reintegrate his pet. Dandelo's “stream of cat atoms” disappear into space, but she can still be heard spookily meowing.

"It'd be funny if life weren't so sacred." is Andre Delambre's later response.

I think you'll agree that Andre deserves everything that happens to him after that.


  1. Should I feel horrible for finding the whole "Cat atoms" fiasco absolutely hilarious?

  2. So true.. I was prepared for disaster as soon as that poor cat entered the room.

  3. I think what happened is she materialized in the wall or something awful like that