Horror Television Titles A-Z

The Addams Family: Cat Addams (1966)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Toby (1956), Miss Paisley's Cat (1957)
American Horror Story: Coven
Apaches (1977) [UK PIF)
Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of the Full Moon (1993) [Missing cats including Mitzy are mentioned but not shown.]
Beasts: Baby (1976)
Bewitched: The Cat's Meow (1965), Ling Ling (1965), The Catnapper (1966), Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You? (1969)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Yoko Factor (2000), Family (2000)
Charmed: Something Wicca This Way Comes (1998), Cat House (2003)
Chiller: Something the Cat Dragged In (1990)
Chillers: Toby (1995)
Creepy Creatures (1998)
Darkroom: Catnip (1981)
Doctor Who: The Empty Child (2005)
Films to Keep You Awake: Spectre (2006)
Ghost Story: The Cry of the Cat (1972)
Ghost Stories: You'll Wake the Dead (1997)
Ghostwatch (1992)
The Good Witch (2008)
The Good Witch's Garden (2009)
Goosebumps: Cry of the Cat (1998)
Hammer House of Horror: The House That Bled to Death (1980), Charlie Boy (1980), The Silent Scream (1980)
Mania: The Intruder (1986)
Manimal (1983)
Marchlands (2011)
Masters of Horror: The Black Cat (2006), Jenifer (2005)
Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2004)
The Munsters: Munster Masquerade (1964), Rock-A-Bye Munster (1964), Autumn Croakus (1964), Herman's Rival (1964), Grandpa's Call of the Wild (1965), Bats of a Feather (1965), Love Locked Out (1965), Far Out Munsters (1965), Herman Munster, Shutterbug (1965), Herman, Coach of the Year (1965), Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? (1965)
Night Gallery: The Housekeeper (1970), The Little Black Bag (1970), Clean Kills and Other Trophies (1971), Last Rites for a Dead Druid (1972), The Return of the Sorcerer (1972), Spectre in Tap-Shoes (1972), She'll Be Company for You (1972), Whisper (1973), Hatred Unto Death (1973)
Poltergeist: The Legacy - The Fifth Sepulcher (1996), The Twelfth Cave (1996) [A cat named Ada is mentioned but not shown.]
The Real Story: The Amityville Horror (2009)
The Returned (2012)
River (2015)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)
Schalcken the Painter (1979)
Shades of Darkness: Feet Foremost (1983)
Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon (2013)
Star Trek: Catspaw (1967)
Stranger Things: Holly Jolly (2016)
Supernatural: Yellow Fever (2008), Man's Best Friend With Benefits (2013)
Tales from the Crypt: Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone (1989), Collection Completed (1989)
Tales of Mystery and Imagination: The Black Cat (1995)
Tales of the Unexpected: Edward the Conqueror (1979)
Threads (1984)
True Blood: Strange Love (2008), Cold Ground (2008), Plaisir D'Amour (2008)
The Twilight Zone: The Man in the Bottle (1960), The Card (1987), Cat and Mouse (1989)
The Secret of Crickley Hall (2012)
The Stalls of Barchester (1971)
Witches of East End: Pilot (2013)
The Worst Witch (1986)
The Worst Witch (1998)
The X-Files: Teso Dos Bichos (1996), Founder's Mutation (2016)

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