May 10, 2011

Masters of Horror: Jenifer (2005)

Obviously this ginger tabby knows a bad thing when she sees it and the beastlike Jenifer (Carrie Anne Fleming) is a very bad thing. The poor cat ends up getting killed and eaten.


  1. Weird. I just watched this the night before last. Poor little kitty. My husband nearly cried when he got eaten.
    Oh, btw, I'm having problems commenting on Video Vault at the mo. Loved the Crowhaven Farm post (even if I do suspect you were calling me a lady of certain age). And I had just been talking about Twisted Nerve with Shelley in it the other weekend. Weird again. No one believed it was real, they thought I was being silly. But now I have proof!
    Will keep trying to work this new fangled commenting malarkey.

  2. Yeah, the Disqus commenting system is supposed to be much simpler than the Blogger one. I hated the captcha thing (which I couldn't work out myself half the time) so I replaced it. You can log into it with your Google account too if that helps.

  3. Will give it a go. To be honest my bloody internet is a pile o' crap these days, honestly you'd think we lived in the back of beyond in not in a major city. I suspect we may have just sneaked an extention cable into the national grid while no one was looking.