August 6, 2011

Spirit Lost (1997)


Appearing out of the mist like a ghost, it's a calico cat.

Packed safely in a carrier, Spider is looking forward to her new home.

After finding a buried necklace outside, Spider explores the house. She doesn't know yet that it's haunted by the ghost of a seductive widow.

Spider loves being on the bed next to her mistress Willy (Regina Taylor). Note the continuity error as Spider's collar changes from pink to red. Is Spider a male calico cat or is it a portent of future events?

Spider warns her human of the impending danger from gas but she can't quite manage to open the door. Everyone survives... this time.

Unfortunately, Spider meets a nasty end as the axe-wielding John (Leon), obsessed with the female ghost, destroys everything in his life to be with her.


  1. Oh dear! I was hoping Spider might save the day!

  2. Not to split cat hairs or anything, but as a Calico, Spider is a girl. All Calicos are girls. If you have a male Calico, that is something extremely rare. Did they refer to her as a boy in the movie?

  3. Good catch. I'm sure they referred to Spider as a he. I thought it was supposed to be symbolism as male calicos are sterile and don't live very long so I probably gave the film more credit than it was due. Spider wears a pink collar at the start which turns into a red one and then back to pink so I should have read the image better. I've gone back through and made changes to the text now.