November 20, 2011

The Reptile (1966)


After surviving the journey to a Cornish village in a wicker cat carrier, this black kitten is abducted from her rightful caregivers and given to Anna Franklyn (Jacqueline Pearce) as a present by her father's sinister Malayan manservant (Marne Maitland).

When Dr. Franklin (Noel Willman) sees his daughter with the kitten in the kitchen, he snatches it away from her. Presumably, he is disgusted by her choice of meal.

Later, Harry Spalding (Ray Barrett) breaks into the Franklin household and finds Katie locked in a cage. Unable to open the lock, Harry is then forced to flee after he is bitten by the transformed Anna.

Finally, Dr. Franklin uses the kitten as bait while trying to put his daughter out of her misery. During the struggle between the doctor and "The Malay", a broken lamp sets the house ablaze.

Don't worry though because Valerie Spalding (Jennifer Daniel) turns up and saves her fur baby from the flames.

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