May 20, 2013

Ghost Story: Cry of the Cat (1972)


There seems to be a dual role for this ginger tabby as she appears not only in the introduction but in the story itself. The acting cat has lighter tail stripes and is referred to as male though.

"She's been here almost as long as I have," says amused host Winston Essex (Sebastian Cabot).

Big Red

When a cougar attacks a bull that had thrown rodeo cowboy Dan Hollis (Doug McClure) in the arena, Dan's stallion, and his former girlfriend Sheila Conway (Mariette Hartley), the other cowboys suspect that the legendary cat "Big Red" has returned.

Dan's cat-cuddling wife Mariah (Lauri Peters), however, fears that she is cursed to turn into a were-cat whenever anything upsets her.

The proof comes when Mariah shares any injuries that the cougar sustains.

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