May 1, 2013

Science Friction (2012)


This little cat spends most of her time being carried around by Jill (Stephanie Kollmar).

Snooki doesn't look very happy about it, but maybe that's just her face. She never struggles to get free.

At least she gets one break from being passed around in the car. Just as well really as it's a long trip from Quebec to Mexico!

Among other things, Snooki is also allowed a brief walk on a leash and gets carried across a river on Jill's head. Once Jill goes missing, however, so does her cat.

Although no cats are shown to be harmed in this confusing Canadian horror movie, Jack (Spencer Heney) says he hates cats, is called a "cat killer" by his boss, and a blurry flashback to when the younger Jack wanted to join a gang shows him carrying a cat. The grisly details are given in one line by Billy (L. Paschal Tenet) who reveals that Jack also blamed the other boys for what he did.

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