May 10, 2013

Tales from the Crypt: Collection Completed (1989)


A stray ginger cat begins this tale as lonely housewife Anita (Audra Lindley) takes her in from the rain.

Mewmew soon fits in with Anita's other feline companions.

The trouble is that Anita's husband Jonas (M. Emmet Walsh), having been forced into mandatory retirement, isn't too keen on spending his golden years with a bunch of freeloading animals who are always under his feet.

The final strike for Mewmew comes when she knocks over a jug of lemonade and watches Jonas trip over her basket into the fish pond.

When Jonas decides to take up taxidermy as a hobby, Anita helps him to complete his collection in a predictably macabre manner and saves Mewmew in the process.

This episode was directed by Mary Lambert of "Pet Sematary" fame.

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