May 2, 2011

The Comedy of Terrors (1963)


Cleopatra (real name Orangey) was one of the many dozens of "Rhubarb" cats trained by Frank Inn. Sometimes up to 30 different cats were used to get the right shots for each film.

In "The Comedy of Terrors", Cleopatra is a very curious cat and provides a lot of humourous moments in what would otherwise be little more than a spoof of "Tales of Terror" (1962).


  1. I thought the cat's real name was 'Rhubarb' and the character cat name is 'Cleopatra'? I just watched this the other night and I loved that the cat made it all the way through, right to the end credits.

    So was it actually many different cats in 'CofT'? I really like the name Rhubarb for a cat, btw.

  2. The character cat name is "Cleopatra" and the cat actor is billed as "Rhubarb". However, Frank Inn's collection of 30 or so ginger cats were all known under the stage name of "Rhubarb". The main cat's real name in this case was "Orangey" though, again, he was only one of many cats named "Orangey". Yes, it's confusing as many cats were used in all the "Rhubarb" or "Orangey" films. Each was "trained" to perform a specific action usually snarling or meowing on cue.