May 25, 2012

Cat in the Cage (1978)


When Bruce Khan (Bruce Vaughn) returns to his rich family's estate after a stay in a mental hospital, he finds that his cat Samson has had a rather harrowing experience too. Bruce's new stepmother, Susan Khan (Sybil Danning), had Sampson taken 50 miles away after he scratched her.

Having found his way home, the animosity continues between Samson and Susan.

Many people have said that the cat is the best actor in the movie although even Samson's hissing and snarling appears to be dubbed unconvincingly.

Samson's final fight with Susan is hilarious for Bruce who laughs outside the door while the cat launches himself at Susan's head.

In Edgar Allan Poe style, Samson proves himself useful by leading the police to the first dead body.

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