December 10, 2012

Black Sabbath (1963)

Although the third segment (or first in the American version) of this anthology is teeming with yowling cats, it's very difficult to screen capture any of them, not least because looking at the cat-holding corpse in the rocking chair is absolutely terrifying!

The corpse was just a mannequin with a head created by Mario Bava and his father, but this second cat-centred picture is as close as anyone needs to get to it!

At the beginning of the story, there are at least three cats in the old lady's home which are mainly in the background. Their cries add more to the atmosphere than actually seeing them anyway.

Finally, near the end of "A Drop of Water", the black and white cat can be seen (and heard) walking along the outside window sill. The old Countess may be a ghost, but her cat definitely isn't.

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