April 18, 2013

May (2002)

Miss Kitty

Since May (Angela Bettis) works in an animal hospital, she has no problem with giving Miss Kitty a fecal exam once she has translated what Dr. Sarkizan (Ken Davitian) really said.


Due to some trouble with her landlady, Polly (Anna Faris) encourages May to adopt Loopy from her by saying, "Oh, come on! Loopy'll keep you company when you're all alone. And, besides, she'll remind you of me."

Unfortunately, poor Loopy (who is named after the film's production company) is killed when May has a temper tantrum and throws an ashtray at her. May still continues to pet the dead cat, however, and sprays her with air freshener as she decays. A taxidermied version of Loopy can also be seen in May's freezer later.

According to the final credits, "No animals were harmed in the making of this film. All scenes involving injured, maimed, bloodied or deceased animals were accomplished through the magic of taxidermy and/or prosthetic appliances."

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