April 14, 2013

The House of Seven Corpses (1974)


Washed-up actress Gayle Dorian (Faith Domergue) spends a great deal of time carrying her pet cat around between filming scenes for a horror movie.

While looking at a painting of a severed cat's head on a pitchfork, Cleon is temporarily possessed by an evil spirit and scratches the hand of Christopher Millan (Charles Macaulay) who tries to stroke him. After then being smacked in retaliation, Cleon struggles free of his mistress' arms and runs away.

Cleon is seen later on running down the stairs and curiously entering a room which he shouldn't.

As you might expect in such a horrible movie, the cat becomes the first to be killed off and is found in pieces on the lawn with no explanation given for how he ended up that way.

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