May 7, 2013

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (1973)


Apart from leading Corringa (Jane Birkin) through a secret passageway into the cellar and giving her a love bite on the neck later, Kitty merely watches as someone murders the members of the MacGrieff family.

Like most cats, Kitty loves sitting on a comfy chair in front of the fire.

Seeing the funeral of her beloved Lady Alicia (Dana Ghia) is a bit too overwhelming for Kitty who then jumps on the coffin.

The expression on Kitty's face when Lady Mary (Françoise Christophe) tells Angus (Alan Collins) to lock the cat in the family tomb is priceless. Once trapped, her yowls of fear and misery are heartbreaking.

It's no wonder Kitty gets angry when she can't convince anybody to look in the cellar and uncover the grisly secret down there. If only she could speak, there'd be no need to endure the rest of this beautifully filmed but mediocre giallo.

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