May 16, 2013

The Twilight Zone: Cat and Mouse (1989)

Guillaume De Marchaux

After falling asleep reading a romance novel, lonely Andrea Moffitt (Pamela Bellwood) is awakened by a black cat coming through her window.

Andrea takes a shower but finds someone has taken her robe.

The cat is actually Guillaume De Marchaux (Page Fletcher), a suave Frenchman who can be human at night but reverts to feline form during the day due to an old curse. He is clearly impressed by what he sees in the shower.

Guillaume transforms back and forth at will, explains how he was cursed for loving a woman, and the instantly charmed Andrea allows him to stay.

They become lovers although arrogant Guillaume is very controlling, manipulative, and as fussy as a real cat.

Guillaume is angry when Andrea tries to put a collar on him since it would strangle him when he transforms. Things start to change for the worse in their relationship from this point. Ultimately, Guillaume becomes bored with Andrea, and tom cats will be tom cats.

Guillaume is even more upset when he wakes up in a cage at the veterinarian. After cheating on her, Andrea has taken Guillaume to be fixed!

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